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Child Custody and the Anti-vaxxers' Rights of Dissent

Child with MaskThis blog has since been updated with additional information

As 2021 unfolds, various COVID-19 vaccines have come to market through an expedited approval process. Those presently available are only approved for use on people age 16 or older, but it appears children between the ages of 12 and 15 will soon become eligible. If how we should safely educate children amid a pandemic is subject to sharp political divide, views on the safety and efficacy of child immunization are reliably influenced by those same forces. For parents, the decision is imminent: Should I consent to my child's COVID-19 vaccination? Read More ›

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Stay at Which Home? Parenting Time in a Pandemic

Frustrated Parents with KidsPublic health guidelines concerning COVID-19 present an inherent tension for many parents whose access to their child is governed by a custody order. Michigan law says that parenting time should be allocated in a way that maintains a strong relationship between the child and each parent. But in these times, where social distancing is public policy, we cannot assume two loving parents shuttling a child between homes is an inherently healthy practice. Read More ›

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting (a Divorce)

Divorce ProceedingUncertainty is perhaps the unifying feature of all contested divorces. In the midst of it, your future living situation, financial health, and time with the children might all at once seem in doubt. Clarity will come in time. In the interim, to help shine light on the legal process, we offer this primer on divorce procedure.  Read More ›

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Property Division Explained

Hand Between Puzzle PiecesUnderstanding how courts divide marital property first requires an explanation of the marital estate. An "estate" in this sense is a paper classification of the property that is considered "marital" as opposed to "separate." Before a court can award each party a fair share of the estate, it must first identify what property belongs in the marital estate and then assign values to the property.  Read More ›

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Fault in a No-Fault Divorce State

Broken Wedding RingsWhen a marriage fails, fingers point. Conceptually, the ideas of divorce and blameworthy conduct go hand in hand. Michigan's label as a "no-fault" divorce state tends to obscure the role marital fault might play in a contested divorce.  Read More ›

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What can a family law attorney help with?

Family law is an area where decisions made in the heat of the moment can result in irreversible consequences. Despite apparent similarities no two cases are exactly alike and the value of skilled family law counsel is often underestimated as an absolute necessity. Without doubt, choosing the right lawyer is the first step to a fresh start. Read More ›

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Welcome to Your Family Law Advocate Blog

Welcome to Your Family Law Advocate Blog. When family law is mentioned, divorce is often the first thing that comes to mind. Divorce however is only one of a number of regions that encompass this area of law. Read More ›

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Finding "The One": Perspectives on Hiring a Divorce Attorney

HandshakeDivorce is an unpleasant experience for most, but a positive attorney-client relationship can ease the burden. Thoughtful, competent representation can prepare you to thrive in your post-divorce life. Read More ›

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