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Family Law Update on Coronavirus

Mom and Kids in QuarantineFor those involved in Family Law disputes, please note that the Michigan Supreme Court has issued an Order dated March 18, 2020, to address the coronavirus outbreak in accordance with Governor Whitmer’s recent orders restricting assembly of persons. Read More ›

Categories: Custody, Divorce

What can a family law attorney help with?

Family law is an area where decisions made in the heat of the moment can result in irreversible consequences. Despite apparent similarities no two cases are exactly alike and the value of skilled family law counsel is often underestimated as an absolute necessity. Without doubt, choosing the right lawyer is the first step to a fresh start. Read More ›

Categories: Custody, Divorce, Post Judgement

Welcome to Your Family Law Advocate Blog

Welcome to Your Family Law Advocate Blog. When family law is mentioned, divorce is often the first thing that comes to mind. Divorce however is only one of a number of regions that encompass this area of law. Read More ›

Categories: Adoption, Custody, Divorce, Post Judgement