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Photo of Andrea  Badalucco

Andrea offers more than a decade of courtroom experience in civil, criminal, family law and juvenile matters. Drawn to the particular needs of clients in family law, Andrea has dedicated her time to serving those navigating the sometimes complex arena of the family court system.

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Jackie specializes in a wide range of family law matters, from straightforward divorce cases to family situations with more complicated circumstances. She also has extensive experience navigating family situations involving substance abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, mental health concerns, co-parenting, and financial difficulties.

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Photo of Benjamin R. Judd
Senior Attorney

Ben concentrates his practice on family law and business disputes, including serving as a family law mediator. Works directly with clients on everything from pre-nuptial agreements to collaborative and hotly contested divorces, to property, child custody, and child support disputes, stepparent adoptions, and petitions for grandparenting time. He has successfully tried and resolved complex cases including interstate custody issues, high asset cases with large businesses, and custody fights with physically and verbally abusive parents.

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