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Welcome to Your Family Law Advocate Blog

Welcome to Your Family Law Advocate Blog. When family law is mentioned, divorce is often the first thing that comes to mind. Divorce however is only one of a number of regions that encompass this area of law.

To help those facing family issues where legal counsel is necessary, Foster Swift family law attorneys Andrea Badalucco, Fred D. Dilley and Jackie A. Dupler are launching this legal resource blog dedicated to helping individuals by providing their expertise along with information on topics such as

  • Divorce
  • Grandparent’s rights and custody actions involving grandparents
  • Custody (Post-judgment) and (Deviate from Court Order)
  • Financial (small businesses, experts—CPA, business valuation)
  • Legal Updates

The purpose of this blog is to guide readers through the maze of legal issues and topics facing couples and families, which will allow them to focus on what is important: the well-being of family and spending precious moments with them. Visit yourfamilylawadvocateblog.com periodically for content or subscribe by visiting the home page to have content delivered to you. Choosing the right lawyer is the first step to a fresh start. 

Categories: Adoption, Custody, Divorce, Post Judgement

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Andrea offers more than a decade of courtroom experience in civil, criminal, family law and juvenile matters. Drawn to the particular needs of clients in family law, Andrea has dedicated her time to serving those navigating the sometimes complex arena of the family court system.

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Jackie specializes in a wide range of family law matters, from straightforward divorce cases to family situations with more complicated circumstances. She also has extensive experience navigating family situations involving substance abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, mental health concerns, co-parenting, and financial difficulties.

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