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Can't Agree on Sending Children Back to School?—Seek Legal Counsel

If there is one thing that we have learned from the last six months, it is that the current pandemic has changed nearly all aspects of how we live our lives. One major issue that divides many is whether or not to send children back to school for in-person learning with COVID-19 continuing to surge across the country.

If separated or divorced parents are simply not able to agree on what should be done about the next step in their child(ren)'s educational future, they should seek knowledgeable legal counsel to assist in the matter in order to avoid unnecessary litigation.

The following short video features Foster Swift family law attorney Andrea Badalucco. In the video, she discusses the importance and possible scenarios of having legal counsel assist in regards to family disagreements involving parents, children and returning to school. Click the thumbnail below to view the full video.

Andrea BadaluccoThis video is for general information purposes only and IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. If you seek legal counsel or need help in determining how this information applies to a specific situation, contact a Foster Swift Family Law attorney before taking any action.

Categories: Custody, Divorce

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Andrea offers more than a decade of courtroom experience in civil, criminal, family law and juvenile matters. Drawn to the particular needs of clients in family law, Andrea has dedicated her time to serving those navigating the sometimes complex arena of the family court system.

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